Karte Anfahrt

Directions from the Autobahn junction Weinsberg/Ellhofen:
follow the junction until you reach the B39 (ca. 1 km)

turn right onto the B39 in the direction of Ellhofen/Obersulm/Löwenstein

follow the B39 for about 8 km passing Ellhofen, Obersulm-Willsbach and Hößlinsülz

turn left before you reach Löwenstein in the direction of Reisach/Lichtenstern (ca. 2 km)

follow the road for about 2 km until you reach Reisach

in Reisach follow the road at the first crossing than turn right onto the Lichtensterner Straße in the direction of Lichtenstern

arrival at Lichtensterner Straße 34 after 300 m